Information Systems & IT Strategy

Information and communication technologies

represent a business assets which operate in a pervasive way at every level of the organization. The Information System is used to collect, elabor, and transform data into valuable information for all people who need receive them.
Not always though, investements in technology are properly implemented, often because of the lack of instruments suited to evaluate requirements and results that the introduction of a new system would give to the business.
For this reason we offer our Clients integrated solutions of Information System’s assessment, Software selection management and IT Strategy definition, by also supporting companies during the implementation phase.

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Before evaluating potential of an investment in technology, it’s necessary to align IT Strategy with the Business Strategy in order to understand the real needs of the company, consistently with the organizational structure and the technological infrastructure. After the Fast Assessment process and after the selection of the most suitable software, it’s necessary to manage the introduction of technology in the company structure, involving all the human resources and defining roles and responsibility for each one. When technology is fully operational, we proceed with the assessment of the impact on the organizational structure and on the business processes, making all the necessary adjustments.