In order to respond to the continuing market evolutions and to stay competitive, businesses have to improve their processes and be able to manage digitally their data. Whit that in mind, innovation is an essential step to be taken to survive.

The digitalization of business processes involves all areas and levels of the organisation and require careful strategic planning. The purpose is to automate tasks and make processes smoother and faster in order to optimize the business.

The advantages of digitalization include:

  • Increased data security and traceability;
  • Information sharing thanks to integration with ERP and CRM;
  • Traceability of operations and ensured proper management of activities;
  • Reduction of manual operations, and therefore of human error;
  • Reduction in the use of paper.

It is for these reasons that Sistema Management developed Overboost: a software that enables to support the digitalization of business processes not technologically covered by administrative-accounting and production areas applications. Thanks to Overboost, it is possible to integrate and handle processes of numerous systems, automatically managing all the information.



according to the needs of your business.


with your management software.


to implement.


The digitalization of business processes on Overboost takes place according to a well-defined procedure.

  1. Recording of functional requirements AS IS

  2. Design of the Mockup of Overboost

  3. Mockup sharing and Overboost TO BE framing

  4. Implementation, configuration and training

  5. Testing and inspection

  6. Go live and assistance after the go live

Only after the completion of all stages, Overboost is ready to be used in full autonomy by our customers.

01. Recording of functional requirements AS IS
During this stage Sistema Management analyses how business processes are currently carried out. Together with the customer, we identify possible areas of improvement that can optimize the performance of business processes.
02. Design of the Mockup of Overboost
We define software characteristics, both from a functional and technical point of view, in order to achieve alignment with functional requirements.
03. Mockup sharing and Overboost TO BE framing
Mockup Overboost is presented to the customer with all its features in order to be approved.
04. Implementation, configuration and training
We implement Overboost, we set it up and we define a training programme for Key-Users.
05. Testing and inspection
At the end at the more technical stage, we check whether the software is actually working and meets all functional requirements.
06. Go live and assistance after the go live
The software becomes fully operational, the customer starts using it daily and Sistema Management provides technical assistance.