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Strategic Plan & Business Plan


and business plan drafting represent a crucial moment, for both young and more mature companies. The Business Plan allows the business owner to achieve several goals, such as giving a strategic direction, detecting strenghts and managing weaknesses, identifying the key factors for the achievement of its objectives, helping in seeking and getting the funds needed for business growth, establishing partnerships and agreements with partners. Sistema Management offers its expertise to support businesses in their growth, innovation and change paths. SWOT Analysis, mission and vision definition, financial plan, marketing plan and business plan represent the main instruments used in this context.

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The first step is the situational analysis, in order to understand the internal and external dynamics which characterize the business. Internal analysis aims to identify the company’s strenghts and weaknesses, while external analysis aims to identify the market’s threats and opportunities. Afterwards Sistema Management supports the business key-people with the definition of their mission and vision, to identify then the corresponding goals and the specific strategic initiatives to implement. In this way, the projected master budget can be drawn up in order to have an estimated overview of both the income statement and balance sheet in the short term.